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Olivier Jarry

Global Life Sciences & Technology Executive


Global Life Sciences & Consumer Health Executive | Customer-Centric Strategist | Growth Markets Builder
Delivers top line (above USD 1.4 billion), and bottom-line growth. Concludes acquisitions, divestitures and alliances (in excess of USD 1.1 billion). Negotiates 9-digit commercial and supply agreements in the Americas, Europe, Russia, India, China and Japan. Leverages digital technologies for access to information.

Olivier leverages 30 years of passion improving health and living standards throughout Western / Eastern Europe, the Americas and Asia to create sustainable, profitable growth, organically and inorganically, in the Life Sciences, Consumer Health, Nutrition and Consulting industries. He assembles talented, successful and diverse teams to address unique business or societal challenges.

Olivier is currently CEO of a biotech in neuroimmunology, LIFNano, and sits on the boards of several companies offering digital health and services to manage chronic conditions, and especially diabetes. He leads a vibrant consulting team at Imagiance and 3xBL, focused on life sciences, especially regarding “market access” (optimizing the launch of new medicines and medical devices while balancing medical value, economic value and patients’ quality of life) as well as “access to medicines” (improving the availability of life-saving therapies in middle and low income countries).

At Novartis, Olivier designed and implemented new business models to improve access to medicines and supplemented nutrition. In Mexico, he and his team designed a new line of affordable, fortified baby nutrition to be sold in rural areas, in partnership with the health authorities and pediatricians associations.

In India, he led the design and implementation of a completely new, profitable, commercialization channel to rural areas, featuring an adapted/redesigned portfolio, frequent awareness and screening programs in thousands of villages, and the upgrading of local capabilities of distributors, pharmacists and physicians.

In 2009, when the H1N1 global pandemic flu spread globally, he redirected his team to address the needs of governments in Western and Eastern Europe. They closed the first sale for a large health authority, followed by several others throughout Europe and Russia / CIS.

At Bayer Diabetes, Olivier led the USD 1.4 billion division and coordinated the successful launch of 5 new products in a year. Included was a unique handheld hemoglobin A1c meter, quickly a best seller for self-use in the US while changing the habits of HCPs in emerging markets.

At Bristol-Myers Squibb, he upgraded commercial and market access talent for the USD 1 billion Emerging Markets division, to support the launch and growth of innovative medicines (oncology, virology, rheumatology, cardiovascular, diabetes).

Expériences professionnelles

Managing partner


De Janvier 2011 à Aujourd'hui

Founder and Managing Partner (USA, 2011 and 2013-present)
 Physician engagement. Digital strategies for two-way engagement among physicians and between physicians and life sciences companies. eDetailing. Partner in Skipta Global ( to design and implement social networks by medical specialty for verified healthcare professionals only. Telemedicine – global business development for SnapMD (
 Patient engagement. Design and implement patient coaching and treatment adherence programs. Board member at to expand coaching programs for diabetes.
 Payer engagement. Evaluate medical and economic outcomes of patient interventions using the Electronic Health Records (EHR) of integrated providers/payers.
 Clinical Development. Partner at to raise a fund for clinical developments in oncology while optimizing the risk profile for investors (
 Access to Healthcare (founder of, Design and implement programs to increase access for low income patients (GSK, Pfizer). Co-author of access to medicines study ( with, Sanofi and the German Government, and of a white paper about branded generics with Accenture.
 Angel Investor, adviser on transactions, strategy consulting, coach for biopharma / biotech startups.

• Imagiance LLC (dba 3xBL) – Founder (2011-)
• Ryan-Kay – Partner (advisory to fast-growing biotech, medtech (2016-)
• Rimidi – Advisory Board, Diabetes care (2016-)
• Dario Healthcare (Nasdaq: DRIO) – Advisory Board, Diabetes care (2016-)
• Intrexon (NYSE:XON) - SVP and Section 16 Officer (SEC), Business Development (2015-2016)
• Fit4D – Board Member, Bus.Dev. (adherence coaching for people with diabetes) 2011-
• Skipta Global - Board Member, Bus.Dev. (physicians collaboration networks) 2013-
• Gerber Baby Products - Board Member (2003-2005)
• Evolution Ventures – Advisor (investments) 2011-
• Atlas Advisors – Advisor (investments) 2011-
• NYU Marketing Committee – Board member (education) 2011-2013
• Executive Forum – Board member, Communications (professional association) 2012-13
• AdvaMed Dx – former Board member (professional association) 2009-10
• AFNOR/ISO – former committee member on Project Management standardization 1992


LIFNano Rx Ltd , Cambridge

De Novembre 2016 à Aujourd'hui

LIFNano™ leverages a proprietary NanoMedicine technology to deliver Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF), a critical stem cell factor that also functions throughout life to repair and protect tissues especially those of the brain.

LIFNano™'s product LN001 is a quantum leap forward to treat Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an incurable auto-immune disease attacking the brain and spinal cord.

LN001 is a nanoparticulate formulation of LIF, providing

(i) regulation of immune self-tolerance
(ii) promotion of brain repair
(iii) safe access to the brain through the Blood Brain Barrier

Moreover, since LIF is the core regulator of stem cells, LIFNano™ is also at the center of Cell-Free Regenerative Medicine, avoiding the problems of cell-based therapy.

Head strategy, operations, market access - emerging markets


De Septembre 2011 à Novembre 2012

Head Strategy, Operations, Market Access – Emerging Markets (USA, 2011 – 2012)
 Upgraded commercial and market access talent for a USD 1 billion division to support the launch or growth of innovative medicines (oncology, virology, rheumatology, cardiovascular, diabetes).
 Defined new approaches for pricing, patient accessibility programs as well as alliances with local governments and professional associations.
 Implemented digital selling methods in Turkey and Russia where in-person detailing is restricted.
 Supported the design and enforcement of strict compliance processes.
 Updated 10-year strategy to re-assess growth potential and prepare for restructuring, staff reduction.
 Division dissolved by BMS in September 2012

President diabetes care

Bayer Healthcare , Tarrytown

De Juillet 2009 à Décembre 2010

Global Business Unit Head, Bayer Diabetes Care (USA, 2009 – 2010)
 Launched five acclaimed new products and gained market share in most markets (USD 1.4 billion sales worldwide).
 Negotiated and implemented 9-digit agreements with Medtronic and Panasonic.
 Led plan to drastically reduce costs in all areas and re-structure the entire business, following significant reductions of reimbursement in the US and Europe.
 Division downsized and then publicly offered for sale in 2010-2011

Senior vice-president


De Février 2001 à Juin 2009

Vaccines division. Head of Western/Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS. (Switzerland, 2008 – 2009)
 Negotiated several 9-digit sales agreements for a vaccine against the H1N1 pandemic flu of 2009
 Grew market share in more than 30 countries.
 Restructured the region for its next phase of growth, including new launches, while maintaining internal headcount to the minimum. Created regional Market Access function.

Multi-division. Head of India Rural Business (“Arogya Parivar”). (India, 2006 – 2008)
 In less than two years, designed and implemented a first of its kind for-profit business to improve access to 70 medicines for 25 million low-income patients in rural India, involving new products, new distribution, face-to-face marketing, alliances with NGOs and local healthcare providers.

Consumer Health Division. (USA, Brazil, China, Switzerland 2001 – 2006)
SVP, Region Head for Latin America and for Asia-Pacific. Global Functional Head of Strategy, Business Development & Licensing, Marketing Excellence
 Grew all markets in Latin America while simplifying the organization (USD 250 million, 3000 associates, 4 plants – baby jars, cereals, accessories). Achieved record market shares in each country and segment. Accelerated sales growth from 4% (2003) to 16% (2004, Mexico), changing category dynamics from -13% to +14% in traditional stores. Expanded partnerships (Disney).
 Launched affordable, supplemented baby nutrition in collaboration with the Mexican Government and with the endorsement of pediatrician associations.
 Turned around the Brazilian consumer business (breakeven in 2002 following losses of -20% until 2001). Consolidated plants. Divested non-core businesses. Grew Medical Nutrition by 41% in 2001, 42% in 2002 with new local manufacturing of liquid ready-to-use product. Grew OTC segment by 45%. Launched innovative products (diclofenac patch, spray) that became global standards.
 Created or expanded baby products partnerships in China and Japan.
 Developed strategic plans that ultimately led to a divestiture to Nestlé.
Global Head of Strategy, Business Development & Licensing
 Divested or relocated 5 businesses in record time (Brazil, Peru, Poland).
 Re-launched the 5-year plan process for Novartis Consumer Health (USD 6 billion). Led numerous projects of acquisitions, divestitures and licensing.


DANONE , Stamford

De Février 1996 à Février 2001

Worldwide Water Division
Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development (France, 1999 – 2001)
 Through key alliances and acquisitions in the Americas, Portugal and Italy, led Danone to global #1 position in bottled water ahead of Nestlé (cumulated M&A value > USD 1.5 billion)
 Coordinated the 5-year Strategic Plan for the Worldwide Water Division (USD 3 billion).
Danone International Brands North America (USA, 1996 – 1999)
Vice President Finance, IT, Operations, Strategy. General Secretary
 Launched Dannon Natural Spring Water, #1 in US supermarkets only 1 year after its launch.
 Contributed to grow North American sales from USD 250 to 600 million through organic growth and 3 successfully integrated acquisitions.

Associate partner


De Septembre 1984 à Janvier 1996

Associate Partner, Strategy Consulting (France, 1984 – 1995)
 Designed and implemented more than 20 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP or Mac-Pac.
 Supported the consolidation of USD 0.8 billion sales in a new division covering 65 countries (Danone)
 Reengineered European Finance for General Electric Healthcare, reducing costs by 60%.
 Integrated 6 major acquisitions worldwide for Schneider Electric, Redesigned global strategy.
 Got Ministerial approval for the USD 20 billion 1995-2000 Strategic Plan of French railways.
 Maintained #1 position of the graphite division of Union Carbide through major reorganizations.
 Other major clients: Automotive & Aerospace: Dassault, EADS (Aerospatiale, Matra), Hispano-Suiza, KHD, Matra Automobile, Renault, SNECMA, ICI. Electronics: Alcatel, Bull, Hewlett-Packard. Oil & Gas: AGIP, Elf. Other Manufacturing: Alsthom Atlantique, Cabot (Carbon Black), Carnaud Metalbox, Schindler. Services: Aéroports de Paris, Electricité de France, La Redoute Catalogue, Ministère de l’Equipement, SITA.

Formations complémentaires


New York University - International Business

2006 à 2008

TRIUM Executive MBA

Ingénieur de l'Armement

Délégation Générale pour l'Armement - Defense Systems

1983 à 1984


London School of Economics - International Business

2006 à 2008

TRIUM Executive MBA


HEC Paris - International Business

2006 à 2008

TRIUM Executive MBA

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Ecole Centrale Paris – Ingénieur – Air Espace – 1983


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