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Executive Director of the MSc Finance - HEC Best Professor Award 2019

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Conseil d'Administration, Administrateur non-exécutif
De 21 à 30 ans
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- Conseil auprès de la direction générale
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Passionate about teaching, I now dedicate most of my time giving back to the younger generation the experience I acquired throughout two amazing decades at the forefront of complexity in Finance, having faced the most thrilling booming markets … and also the deepest turmoils in Financial Markets.

My 20-year career in Finance has all been about building teams and systems, integrating complex businesses, leading change and innovation, embracing new clients, new products and new technologies.

The challenges continue in my teaching and coaching ventures, where I get my clients, my students and my teaching partners to embrace new market environments, new technologies, new regulatory frameworks and new types of jobs.

Educated in France and Japan, having worked in Tokyo, Paris, London and Frankfurt (for European, American and Australian Fortune 500 companies), and now teaching in Paris, Beijing and Tokyo, I am at ease with local cultures, clients, authorities and markets.
Multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-national, I operate globally or locally, and feel at home interacting with global organisations, having matrix reporting and international management.

My current study fields include: Finance 2.0, FinTech, Cryptography and Blockchain technology, as well as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applications in Finance.

Twitter: @olivier_bossard (
YouTube: Olivier BOSSARD (
Facebook: Olivier Bossard (

Expériences professionnelles

Executive director of the msc finance - hec best professor award 2019

HEC Paris , Jouy-en-josas

De Septembre 2016 à Aujourd'hui

In charge of HEC MSc in International Finance (MIF), both Business Track and Accelerated Track.
2018 Financial Times ranking: #1 worldwide Masters in Finance
Also responsible for the “Finance Major” in the Grande Ecole Program (MiM, Master in Management).
170+ amazing students, 80%+ international, from 40+ nationalities.

Professor of Finance
HEC Best Professor Award 2019
- [GECCELM065] Derivatives Trading (18 hours) - eval 2019: 4.82/5.00
- [GECCACAB3] Academy Trading (24 hours) - eval 2019: 4.97/5.00
- [GEM2FIE013] Financial Engineering (30 hours) - eval 2019: 4.88/5.00
- [GEM2FIE14] Advanced Asset Pricing (30 hours) - eval 2018: 4.47/5.00
- [GEM2FIB021-EN04] Empirical Methods in Finance (4x 12 hours) - eval 2019: 4.87/5.00

Adjunct professor

Hitotsubashi ICS (Hitotsubashi University Business School) , Chiyoda

De Mai 2019 à Aujourd'hui

Teaching Capital Markets course in the MBA Program

Editorial contributor

Forbes France , Paris

De Avril 2019 à Aujourd'hui

Adjunct professor

Tsinghua University , Haidian qu

De Novembre 2018 à Aujourd'hui

Teaching the Financial Derivatives course at the Master of Finance of Tsinghua SEM (School of Economics & Management) 清华大学经济管理学院
- [70510973] Financial Derivatives - eval 2018: 95/100

Professor of finance - custom programs for executives

HEC Paris Executive Education , Jouy-en-josas

De Septembre 2017 à Aujourd'hui

Our custom programs address the strategic challenges of individual organizations and are tailored to their specific professional development and training needs. We establish close working relationships with our corporate clients to co-create the architecture and content of the training modules to optimize the added value and impact of the program. Throughout the delivery stage, all the components of the program are carefully analyzed, monitored and adapted to ensure the objectives of both the organization and the participants are achieved.
HEC Paris, one of the world's top 3 providers of Executive Education programs for the last 8 years!

Invited professor

ESSEC , Cergy-pontoise

De Septembre 2015 à Août 2016

- [FINM-32214] Volatility Trading - eval 2016: 4.88/5.00

Thesis director

HEC Paris , Jouy-en-josas

De Septembre 2015 à Aujourd'hui

Responsible for guiding and supervising 6-15 MSc Finance & "Finance Major" (MiM, Master in Management) students in their dissertation work.

Founder and ceo

Jomini Consulting , London

De Juillet 2012 à Aujourd'hui

Jomini Group, registered in the UK and HK, has been founded as a boutique advisory business, currently run by Olivier alone.

Jomini offers unique tailor-made advisory services to financial institutions across a wide spectrum of areas, and across most of asset classes (Equity, FX, Commodity and Rates):
- risk management and associated infrastructure (portfolio analysis, tools development)
- analytical models and quantitative developments (from specifications to implementation)
- product-specific analysis and bespoke solutions (structuring and financial engineering)
- Derivatives, and more specifically Exotic Products engineering : in-depth modelling, structuring, trading and risk-management solutions
- generic Financial Education, from entry-level Graduate Programs to Executive Committee and Board level seminars and 1-on-1 executive coaching.

Jomini Group has a Service-Level Agreement in place with an established FCA-regulated cross-asset broker for transaction-related services.
Upon request, Jomini can also team up with sell-side providers to provide tailor-made solutions and tender product offers.

Nimble and highly selective in what services it can offer or not, Jomini Consulting provides its clients with opportunistic services based on two decades of academic teaching and practitioner experience in Trading, Financial Engineering and Risk Management at the forefront of capital markets sophistication.

Over its past 12 months of operations, Jomini has been involved in:
- designing a confidential business plan for reshaping the Equity Derivatives activity of a Tier One Investment Bank.
- designing a web-based training program to educate further in financial markets the middle-office staff (150+ personnel) of a financial services provider.
- offering a tailor-made 1-on-1 training program to an ExCo member upon him gaining responsibility of a new Division in an asset class he was unfamiliar with.

Senior md - global head of derivatives trading ex-asia & co-head of equity derivatives division emea

Macquarie Bank , London

De Mars 2010 à Juillet 2013

Hired as Head of Derivatives Trading Europe:
Equity Derivatives (Index Flow, Stock Flow, Exotics) + Structured Products on FX & Commodities.

October 2010: additional responsibility for US Derivatives books.
December 2010: additional responsibility for South-Africa Derivatives Trading (based in Cape Town).
July 2011: promoted Senior Managing Director.
August 2011: additional responsibility as Co-Head of Equity Derivatives Division, EMEA.

Division Headcount:
- 39 Front Office (13 Traders, 12 Sales, 6 Structurers, 2 Quants, 1 Business Development, 5 Legal).
- 46 Support functions (14 Middle-Office, 29 IT, 3 Finance).

Founder and ceo

Jomini Consulting , London

De Juin 2008 à Mars 2010

see company profile above.

Professor of financial engineering

HEC Paris , Jouy-en-josas

De Septembre 1999 à Aujourd'hui

Teaching for 20 consecutive years the Financial Engineering & Derivatives course (30 hours) at:
- HEC MSc in International Finance (MIF), both Business Track and Accelerated Track
- HEC Grande Ecole ("Finance Major" / MiM, Master in Management)
- Ecole Polytechnique Year 4 - Dual Degree with HEC Paris

Md, head of structured products, trading & structuring - global equities management committee

Lehman Brothers Ltd , London

De Septembre 1998 à Septembre 2008

Managing Director, member of the Global Equities Management Committee.
Head of Structured Products and Exotics, Trading & Structuring, European Equities.

Over 10 years, developed from scratch and led the phenomenal growth of Lehman’s European Equity Derivatives business.
Beyond Europe, also responsible for the ‘World Book’ Trading, with a global remit.

Latest responsibilities included managing 60 resources across the platform:
- Trading Desk: 21 traders based in London + 1 in Asia covering Hong-Kong
(5 Index, 6 Single-stocks, 4 Structured Flow, 2 Fund Derivatives, 2 Rates Books, 2 Warrants & Structured Retail, 1 HK Retail).
- Product Development and Structuring Department: 14 resources based in London
(1 Head + 3 Institutional, 3 Private Banks and Retail, 3 Hybrids and Fund Derivatives, 1 Structured Flow Products, 1 Legal, 2 Research and New Underlyings).
- Financial Engineering and Pricing Hub: 24 resources based in Mumbai, India
Team of 1st year and 2nd year analysts providing pricing, analytics and admin support function to the trading team with timing advantage (5.5 hours ahead of London) and extremely low cost base.

Also co-owner of several JV efforts across the firm:
Hybrids Equity-Rates, Equity-Commodities, Equity-Credit, Structured Emerging Markets,
Structured Asset-Management (JV with Lehman Brothers’ Asset Management division).

Additional responsibilities:
- since November 2007, member of the Global Equities Management Committee.
- in March 2007, awarded the President’s Corporate Citizenship Award
(for Diversity and Inclusion, Philanthropy and Leadership).
- Chairman of the Equity Model Control Committee (since January 2006).
- since March 2005, organized yearly floor-wide Derivatives Training sessions for Sales personnel across Cash, Program and Equity Finance businesses.
- representative of the Equity Derivatives business at the Promotions Committee (since 2006).

Director - head of fixed income and equity exotics trading

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank , London

De Décembre 1995 à Septembre 1998

Fixed income exotic options trader

SOCIETE GENERALE , Paris la défense 7

De Septembre 1993 à Décembre 1995

Formation complémentaire

MSc (横浜国立大学修士課程), Artificial Intelligence

Yokohama National University - Artificial Intelligence

1991 à 1993

Specialization: Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning Neural Networks.
Olivier was the second foreigner in the history of this highly competitive course to successfully apply (entrance exam in Japanese) and go through this two-year course taught entirely in Japanese.
Graduated with the highest honours.


Risk Magazine

Technical Reviewer

GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group)

Advisory Council Member

Bloomberg LP

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)

The MathWorks

Certified Matlab Professional, Certified Matlab Associate

PRMIA - Professional Risk Managers ltl Association


Institut Français des Administrateurs

Member of the French Institute of Administrators

Econometric Society


French Finance Association AFFI


European Finance Association EFA


American Finance Association AFA


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan 外務省/在仏日本国大使館

Board Member of the AFABJ, 教育班 / 広報文化部

Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Rescue Diver #1404UL4828, Deep Diver #141211UX6445, Master Scuba Diver #1406EH6106

Amicale Don du Sang Paris

Volunteer Blood Donor

Emergency First Response

EFR Primary Care certification #1309-ET-0260 - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR

Parcours officiels

Ecole Centrale Paris – Ingénieur – 1992


Français - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Langue maternelle

Japonais - Courant

Chinois - Notions

Centres d'intérêt

  • Finance 2.0
  • FinTech
  • Cryptography
  • Blockchain technology
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applications in Finance