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Julien Pozzi

Manager IT


Always looking for new challenges and opportunites to grow, for my team and myself.
I rely on my experience and relationship to understand my customer requests and propose them the most suitable solution for their needs, with rigor and pragmatism.
Convinced by the Agile values, I promote and foster the collaboration between the different stakeholders.

Knowledge and Specialities :
- IS Project Management (1-2M€)
- Team Management (10-15 people)
- Software architecture

Priorities :
- Customer satisfaction
- Build effective, flexible and reliable softwares
- Empower the team
- Keep learning to improve, experiment new things (Agile, Continuous Delivery, etc)
- Always stay informed about new IT trends, and the value they can bring to my customer (Big data, Agile, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Mobility, BYOD, etc)

Expériences professionnelles

Product line manager

AIR FRANCE (CIE) , Paray vieille poste - CDI

De Janvier 2017 à Aujourd'hui

Manager for the Air France Aircraft Maintenance applications:
- Around 50 applications in continuity and a dozen running projects
- Around 4.5M€ yearly budget (300 men months, +50% in 2 years)
- Manager of team of 6 internals + 24 externals
- Agile methodology implementation (Scrum + Kanban) within IT teams
- Foster Maintenance Business Digitalization (iPads deployment, etc)
- Supporting Predictive Maintenance Program (Big Data)
- Contributor of the 3 main Programs lead by KLM to buld a common Maintenance Information System

Involved in the pilot to deploy IBC (In Business Computing), to help business collaborate more with IT of subjects that are today shadow IT, to strenghten relationship with business and provide more reliable solutions

Involved in the HR track of the New Ways of Working transformation Program, with the goal to deploy Agility within the whole company: definition of the new roles, functions and skills (Scrum master, Product Owner, Release train Engineer, etc)

Participation in Talent Management track to recruit and retain talents

Overall IT Project Manager Maintenix AF Rest of Fleet (28M€) since 01/04/2018

It project manager

AIR FRANCE (CIE) , Paray vieille poste

De Février 2015 à Décembre 2017

Project Maintenix for All Fleet (budget of 32M€ over 3 years)
- Engineering & Maintenance, migration of the fleet 777, 330/340 and 320 from the legacy to Maintenix, already used by KLM and Air France (A380 only)
- Co-responsible for the Interfaces and Data Migration workpackage (8M€)
- Coordination between the IT team located in Amsterdam and the rest of the project team (Paris)

Functional and technical expert

AIR FRANCE (CIE) , Paray vieille poste

De Octobre 2014 à Janvier 2015

- Marketing mission : Feasibility study with external software editors for selling Air France's flight crew pairing and rostering softwares
- Air France leader for definition and estimation of the scope of the product (>10M €)
- Air France leader for definition of the future partnership organization : 1 team, 2 companies, 4 locations

It pole manager

AIR FRANCE (CIE) , Paray vieille poste

De Juillet 2013 à Septembre 2014

- Flight Crew Pairing and Roster Pole (annual budget : 1,3M€)
- Manager, in a matricial organization, of 7 people + 1 apprentice
- Coordinator for the work of 5 distinct development teams (~25 people overall) with the Ops Teams, the IMOs (~15 people) and the Business (3 customers)
- Preparation for conversion of mainframe experts to new technologies (J2EE)
- Manager of the Flight Crew Roster applications
- Project Manager for the IT Flight Crew Roster renovation (annual budget : 1,5M€)
- Marketing mission : feasability study with external software editors (organization definition and functional gap analysis)

It product manager

AIR FRANCE (CIE) , Paray vieille poste - CDI

De Juin 2011 à Juin 2013

- Product Roster, Pairings, Optimizations et GUI (annual budget : 0,6M€)
- Manager of a 2 people + 1 apprentice team
- Manager of a dozen applications for Flight Crew Roster
- Relations with numerous interlocutors : Dev teams, Ops, IMO, Business
- Project Manager for the IT Flight Crew Roster renovation (annual budget : 1M€)

Confirmed analyst developer

AIR FRANCE (CIE) , Paray vieille poste - CDI

De Avril 2009 à Mai 2011

- Reflex Project (3M€) :
- Tool for Tracking of Flight Crew Pairings
- Definition of the architecture, design of the solutions with the customer (workshops), quoting, coding and delivery
- Agile methodology, in a 7 confirmed people team

It project manager


De Avril 2008 à Août 2009

- Project Manager E-Dossier (Electronic recording for Technical Flight Crew Training : 1,5M€)
- Relations with the Business (Pilots Manager)
- Manager of a 4 developer + 2 trainees team

Analyst developper


De Février 2006 à Mars 2008

- Responsible of several applications managing Flight Crew Training (annual budget : 300-350 k€)
- In charge of a 3 people team
- Relations with IMO and Business

Analyst developer

ALTEN SYSTEMES D'INFORMATION , Boulogne billancourt cedex - CDI

De Septembre 2005 à Février 2006

- Mission for France Telecom R&D
- Design and realization of a prototype for music self-production

Analyst developer

ALTEN SYSTEMES D'INFORMATION , Boulogne billancourt cedex - CDI

De Janvier 2005 à Août 2005

- In charge of Acadomia Front Office Application

Analyst developer

KLEE GROUP , Le plessis robinson cedex - Stage

De Mai 2004 à Novembre 2004

-Software development for SAPN subscriber management
- Proof of concept for a Warehouse inventory viewing

AIR FRANCE (CIE) , Paray vieille poste - CDI

Parcours officiels

Ecole Centrale Paris – Ingénieur – Informatique et Télécommunication – 2004


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