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Celine Jansen

Céline Jansen Dr en pharmacie spécialisée en gestion des risques


I began my pharmacy degree in 2007 in Montpellier and finished it in Paris in 2015. Motivated by offering the best care possible for patients and be a support in the decision making process, I then decided to specialize in risk management (Ecole Centrale Paris) in order to ensure the safety and the quality of activities, processes and products.
Therefore i now see risks everywhere while cooking, driving or delivering drugs to patients.

Over the last three years I can count three significant experiences:
- In early 2013, securing the flow of medication from their arrival to delivery at the Western Paris University Hospital group. After consolidating the results of a previous process evaluation carried out across three different sites, I collaborated with various health-care professionals and stakeholders to come up with a global risks reduction plan. I also delivered the plan to upper management.

- In late 2013 at Sanofi, in the French Pharmacovigilance department where my responsibility was in identifying risks in their signal detection process and therefore providing recommendations.

- In 2015 at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital, in making safer the production of chemotherapy at the pharmacy both for patients and professionals. As the methodology consultant within the group, I advised the management team on how to define, measure and reduce their risks. It also involved interviewing all parties involved, brainstorming, collecting and structuring information, running meetings and presenting the results in an easily understandable format to manager as well as operatives.

Most of the time we don’t have the necessary elements to take the right decision. We also forget that a risk could become an opportunity. My ambition is to support decision makers, for small as well as big issues, in the innovation projects (biotech, medical devices, stem cell …) to take the most appropriate actions.

Expériences professionnelles

Internship in quality and risk management

Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou , Paris - Stage

De Janvier 2015 à Août 2015

- Steering an audit process ensuring the quality and security of patient medicinal care: planning, conception of audit grids, conduct of 14 meetings, analysis and diffusion of the results to the direction and care services,
- Steering a risks study on the quality and security of chemotherapy production process, allowing the middle management to obtain a global vision of departmental risks, to prioritize them and to be able to financially defend the cost of implementation with regards to upper management.

Pharmacovigilance internship

SANOFI , Gentilly - Stage

De Avril 2013 à Septembre 2013

- Analysis of the internal process of signal detection vulnerabilities and proposition of improvement actions
- Medical analysis of adverse events associated with medicine therapy (French imputability assessment)

Pharmacy hospital internship

Groupement hospitalier des hôpitaux universitaires Paris-Ouest , Paris - Stage

De Octobre 2012 à Mars 2013

In order to establish a quality system management:
- Analysis and consolidation of a risks analysis results on the hospital medicine management, definition of a mitigation plan in collaboration with various professionals and communication of corrective actions
- Formalization of a quality manual on the hospital medicine management support of assurance quality system

Student job in a community pharmacy

Pharmacie Jacono , Verrières-le-buisson - CDI

De Mars 2010 à Septembre 2012

Prescription analysis, Issuing prescriptions over the counter, knowledge in medicine, managing order and stock, ability to listen carefully to patients, ability to give advice, strong organizational skills and use of Pharmagest / LGPI software

Formations complémentaires

Doctor pharmacy

Pharmacy faculty of Châtenay-Malabry - industrial sector

2010 à 2015


Ecole Centrale Paris - Risk managment in Health-care

2014 à 2015

Parcours officiels

Ecole Centrale Paris – Mastère Spécialisé – Mastère spécialisé Gestion des Risques et de la Sécurité dans les Établissements et Réseaux de Santé – 2015


Français - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Courant


Risk management
Quality management system
Hospital certification
Pharmacovigilance and signal detection
Quality assurance
process audit

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