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Célia Fellay

SHE and sustainability manager

39 ans

Expériences professionnelles

Responsable santé, sécurité, environnement

NIHS S.A. , Lausanne - CDD

De Juillet 2017 à Aujourd'hui

Led all SHE management activities, in the frame of fundamental research:
• Maintained ISO 14’001:2015 and OHSAS 18’001 certification.
• Created SHE Operational Master Plan and followed relevant Key Performance Indicators.
• Ensured full compliance to all applicable Nestlé and legal SHE requirements.
• Coordinated the activities of 4 SHE experts and 18 SHE delegates.
• Led Behavioural Based Safety campaign. Analysed results, took efficient actions that enabled a drastic increase feedbacks and reduction of the incident rate.
• Conducted energy study and proposed appropriate saving measures.
• Led relevant SHE assessments: Environmental impacts, workplace and machinery safety.

Chef de projet engineering


De Octobre 2016 à Juin 2017

Managed an investment project to deliver a prototype line for chocolate manufacturing:

• Led all project management activities (planning and budget management, SHE aspects,…)
• Conducted bidding process and ensured close relations with supplier.
• Coordinated building works prior to machine installation.
• Supervised multidisciplinary team to reach common goal.

Chargée de sécurité


De Janvier 2010 à Juin 2013

Supported the implementation of an OHSAS 18'001 certified safety management system:

• Performed risk assessment across PTC and proposed mitigating actions accordingly.
• Promoted and sensitized site employees on behavioural safety.
• Coordinated the asbestos diagnostic and following actions (education, technical measures,...).

Expert environnement et développement durable


De Janvier 2008 à Septembre 2016

Implemented an ISO 14'001 environmental management system, awarded internally:

• Determined significant environmental impacts (energy, wastes,…). Set-up an action plan, and monitored performance to ensure continuous improvement.
• Ensured full compliance to all applicable Nestlé and legal environmental requirements.
• Coordinated an Energy Target Setting study which enabled the initiation of CAPEX and OPEX projects aiming at drastically reducing energy and water use as well as CO2 emissions.
• Coordinated the activities of 20 environment champions.

2011 - 2016: Environmental sustainability champion
Coordinated all sustainability activities across PTC, and a team of 6 ecodesign experts:

• Performed ecodesign studies for every project under development.
• Built and deployed environmental sustainability training programme for all PTC employees.
• Organised various awareness campaigns with high participation rates, leading to many concrete improvements led by employees.
• Actively contributed to Nestlé R&D Sustainability by Design network.

Stagiaire (analyse de cycle de vie)


De Mai 2007 à Octobre 2007

Performed a comparative Life Cycle Assesment on cow- vs. soy- milk products:

• Collected data (bibliography, intrviews,…).
• Modelled cow- and soy- milk scenarios with SimaPro.
• Analysed and interpreted the results.

Responsable de la communication avec les équipes étrangères

Batavierenrace , Nijmegen - Stage

De Août 2004 à Mai 2005

Deployed the international branch for an athletics competition by expanding competition to non-Dutch teams (project management, recruitement of teams, communications, website).

Formations complémentaires

Ingénieur RWTH Aachen

RWTH Aachen - Maschinenbau

2005 à 2008

Chargée de sécurité

SUVA - Sécurité au travail

2009 à 2010

Formation en cours d'emploi

Manager en développement durable

HEIG VD Yverdon - Développement durable, managemetn

2012 à 2013

Formation en cours d'emploi

Travail de diplôme : Analyse de Cycle de Vie partielle d’entreprise à l’aide du logiciel Quantis Suite.


Club Alpin Suisse, section de Vallorbe


Parcours officiels

Ecole Centrale Paris – Ingénieur – Management Production Logistique – 2006


Néerlandais - Courant

Allemand - Courant

Anglais - Langue maternelle


Conduite de projets
Iso 14001
analyse de cycle
OHSAS 18001
sécurité comportementale
management durable
Energétique industrielle
analyse d'impacts environnemen
Formation et Sensibilisation
leadership transversal
ISO 14'001: 2015
Machinery safety
Energy Audit

Centres d'intérêt

  • Sports de montagne (secrétaire section locale Club Alpin Suisse) Jardinage